What Are the Dimensions of Wellness?

Wellness is a balanced lifestyle that includes healthy habits that benefit our mind, body, and soul. It’s important to spend time on each of these areas to truly thrive and live your best life.

Wellness is so much more than a healthy diet and exercise routine.

The dimensions of wellness include; nutrition, exercise, sleep, social connection, and mindfulness. Each of these aspects of our life play a key role in our overall health.

Nutrition is an integral part of our health. Eating a diet that is full of fresh, whole foods and eating less processed food will make you feel energized. Eating food that is closest to its natural state is a great way to ensure you’re getting all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to feel it’s best. When eating packaged foods, try to pick the ones with ingredients you can pronounce, and the less ingredients the better.

Regular exercise is a key part of a healthy lifestyle. It increases our sense of well-being and gives you an immediate mood boost. It also helps relieve stress, improve concentration and focus, and helps you sleep better. If you’re not sure where to start, add a daily walk to your routine. Light stretching and yoga are also amazing ways get your body moving.

A good sleep routine starts with winding down and preparing for a good nights sleep hours before. Avoid caffeine in the afternoon, stop eating a few hours before bed, and make your bedroom dark, cool, and quiet for optimal sleep quality. It’s also a good idea to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. Aim for 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

Social connection is vitally important for our mental health. Talking to a friend or loved one will increase your feelings of connection and happiness. Spend some time each day catching up with someone you care about.

Mindfulness is a practice of deep awareness of our thoughts and feelings. Start paying attention to the contents of your mind and how you feel. Mindfulness rewires the brains pathways and allows us to train our brain to think more positively and be less reactive. It also increases our resilience to stress and negativity.

The dimensions of wellness include a total mind, body, and soul connection. When these are in balance, we feel harmonious within our own lives.

I’m a certified holistic health coach working with women to improve their relationship with food and exercise and elevate their energy. I have a 1:1 program to work specifically with you on your issues and solve the problems that are blocking you from reaching your highest potential. DM me on Instagram http://www.instagram.com/healthy.with.chelsea to schedule a free 1 hour discovery call to see how your transformation will unfold.

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Hi! I’m a certified holistic health and wellness coach and I’m here to help you achieve your health related goals.

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