Inside the mind of a Holistic Health Coach

I became a holistic health coach because I have my own personal history of health issues and I have gone on my own journey and through that first hand experience I learned so much about how to live a healthy life inside and out. I wanted to live a vibrant and healthy life not only to look good but to feel good inside.

When I’m coaching my clients, I listen intently to their goals and I help them make small habit changes that they can stick to. If they have any questions or concerns we can tweak the habits here and there until it’s just right for them and it feels best for them. I don’t push them to their limits, we go slowly and make sure everything feels right to them. When we check in the next session, we go over what worked and what didn’t work to make sure that the habits are manageable and maintainable for them.

This is not about overnight success, this is the rest of their lives. I am not expecting everything to perfectly click instantly and have no struggles or setbacks. That’s not being realistic. If they were capable of making huge lifestyle changes to improve their health and wellness by themselves they would have done it by now. They need accountability and support through the tough spots. Life is not always going to be easy and they will occasionally need help to stay motivated. Sometimes they need help getting back on track after a really busy and tiring week where they weren’t 100% sticking to their new habits. It’s about getting back on track and admitting where they are having problems. It’s about being honest with me, but more importantly with themselves.

I know it can be hard to be consistent. It’s not everyday that I wake up with all the energy in the world and am super eager to work out, but I push forward because I know how good I will feel afterwards. Overtime I learned that after the first five minutes I will be in the zone and enjoying the process of moving my body. I’m also not always eating “perfectly” healthy. The way to get back on track with healthy eating is recognizing how it makes me feel on the inside. I might have tummy trouble or I might feel lethargic. The body knows what it needs to feel it’s best.

We need to tune inward and listen closely to our bodies. What are we eating when we feel our best? It’s most likely a whole foods plant based diet with less processed foods. Eating the rainbow and enjoying comfort foods in moderation. What are we doing consistently when we feel our best? It’s probably moving our bodies in a way that feels good to us, which is going to be different for each person. For me, I love barre blend and doing yoga every morning and going on walks and hikes with my family on the weekends. What are our predominant thoughts like when we feel our best? I would imagine that they are positive, optimistic, and good feeling thoughts. We get to choose our thoughts and feelings. Tune into the good.

Published by Healthy with Chelsea

Hi! I’m a certified holistic health and wellness coach and I’m here to help you achieve your health related goals.

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